Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Tebow - Drawing for Mets - Earns a Promotion

Tebow - drawing for Mets - earns a promotion

Forget what you think about Tim Tebow. If there’s one thing he’s always been, it’s a money draw. People will come to see him play. They will buy shirts with his name on it and bring signs singing his praises. Such is the power of Tebow.
There’s no doubt he was a star at the University of Florida. In those days, the school was churching out big, powerful quarterbacks. Recall who was Tebow’s backup back then? Yeah…that guy.
But pro football was not nearly as kind to Tim as his Gator faithful. He showed some flash in Denver, but John Elway wanted a prototype gunslinger, not a Hail Mary flinging scrambler who held on to the ball too long. So Tebow bounced around. Down in his home neck of the woods, fans in Jacksonville clamored for the Jaguars to pick him up, but they passed, repeatedly.
So, for a bit, Tebow disappeared off sports radar. Ironically, though, his brand never dimmed. Tebow remains eternally marketable as a brand. Doesn’t matter if he can’t play quarterback in the NFL. He’s a draw. So, Tebow got some jobs calling games and breaking down film. He did fairly well behind the deck, but it was obvious the competitor in him longed to Get Back Out There.
So, there was a second coming of the Tebow. This time, as a baseball player. Signed to the Mets organization – why not, right? – Tebow immediately became a draw for the Low-A Mets team, the Columbia Fireflies. Tim promptly went out and batted a mediocre .222, but that was more than good enough for Tebow fans. And it was good enough for the Mets to pull the trigger on their minor league cash cow.
Last week it was announced that Tebow, despite his mediocre showing, was being called up to the high-A Florida State League team in St. Lucie. Immediately, the naysayers came out in force. Seems like there’s always a bunch with anti-Tebow rants cued up and ready to fire. And they unleashed because of course they did. Tebow was, of course, Tebow:
“There's a lot of smarter, wiser people than me that make those decisions. I just try and show up and play hard every day.”
No one really buys the aww shucks routine. Everyone knows full well this was a money decision. And why not? Pro baseball is a money game. That’s why they play it. If the Mets think St. Lucie will put more butts in the seats with Tebow at bat, they will give Tebow a bat … even if he never hits .300.

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