Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fans Go Nuts for Rogue 1 Trailer

5WPR CEO - Star Wars Rogue 1 Trailer

Star Wars: The Force Awakens wowed fans and brought many disgruntled Star Wars geeks back into the with full enthusiasm. Sure, it was a near point for point remake of Episode IV, but nobody cared overmuch because it was also awesome and nostalgic and entertaining.

But Disney’s not done re-energizing the decades-old space opera. Enter Rogue One, a spin-off prequel that connects with the original trilogy while also grabbing younger viewers who grew up on the animated series and video games.
Debuting on ABC’s Good Morning America (of course, Disney knows how to cross promote) Rogue One’s teaser trailer immediately broke the Internet. Some fans didn’t even know it was coming. Others have the movie release schedule memorized. Both watched with excited wonder as a new character, yet another strong female lead is introduced.

Played by Felicity Jones, the new character puts the “rebel” in Rebellion. It’s a strong, slick tongue-in-cheek take on a story that sets up the climax of A New Hope. The Rebels need plans for the Empire’s new Death Star weapon. Someone needs to get them. Many Bothans will die … but will this one?

The trailer promises all the right notes that made Episode VII such a hit. Back is the tense feel of the early Rebellion. So is John Williams triumphant and evocative score. Sure, this movie threatens to be darker than the somewhat campy Force Awakens, but fans will probably welcome that.

After all, ask just about anyone their favorite Star Wars film and “Empire Strikes Back” quickly follows. The bad guys win, and the good guy loses a hand. Another one ends up frozen solid. Talk about dark.

Will Rogue One rake in more than $2 billion worldwide as Force Awakens has? Probably not, but it’s going to do well, no worries there. Fans, universally jaded after Episode 1, are fully back on the Star Wars bandwagon. Disney shouldn’t be swinging for the fences here, they just need to keep fans engaged … and stay away from any Jar Jar sized miscues.

Ronn Torossian is the CEO and founder of New York based Public Relations agency 5WPR.

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