Wednesday, February 26, 2014

NFL Logo Rebranding

The NFL is the world’s most powerful professional sports money machine. The league is the best of the best when it comes to marketing and merchandising. Fans enthusiastically continue to buy and when asked, upgrade, their wardrobe in keeping with the evolving look and feel of the team colors and logos.

How is the NFL so incredibly successful at so often rebranding its properties? Ronn Torossian explains how rebranding is not only necessary, but why it works.

#1 – Keeps the image fresh and current

With the exception of that one guy you know who is still waiting for leisure suits and butterfly collars to come back in style, all of us like to update our look now and again. Brands are no different. A brand that keeps its look too long can go stale simply because it appears to lack life. Look at the reaction the NFL teams get when they do throwback games. Sure, people like the uniforms for one match up, but they are almost always glad to see them gone by the next game.

#2 – Creates important off-season PR

Because the NFL, like all pro sports with the exception of international soccer, tend to be extremely seasonal, teams need something to pique their fans interest in the slow, off season. This is the perfect time to announce a logo, or look change. Not only does it get the team back in the fans’ minds, but it also gives them something to DO and to TALK about. Engagement is key for any brand.

#3 – Enhances marketing position

There’s no doubt that changing a brand has a definitive financial benefit. People go out and replace their old gear with updated, current stuff. This enhances the marketing position of the team in question. Because they seem more marketable, they ARE more marketable.

#4 – Changes team image

Some teams, like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the most recent NFL team to change their look, are defined by their outfits. Fans down in Florida talk about the Creamsicle days. And NOT in a good way. Those were the Yucks, the Bad News Bears of the NFL. But when the team became the Pewter Pirates, they almost immediately went out and won a Super Bowl. Now, the team is rebuilding, again.  New coach, new scheme, new attitude…and new helmets to help generate fan interest and excitement.

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