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Benefits of Using Video Marketing in Digital Public Relations & Marketing Campaigns

Ronn Torossian reveals 3 benefits of video PR

5WPR CEO takes you to the movies?

is the founder and CEO of 5W Public Relations, an NYC PR Firm specializing in all forms of corporate and entertainment PR. Torossian maintains offices in New York and Los Angeles.
In 1981 MTV predicted “video killed the radio star.” Decades later, radio is still alive and kicking, but the age of video is certainly upon us. With YouTube performing as the number two search engine on the web and many people coming to expect video in their daily surfing, video is quickly becoming eponymous with web information.

But many PR companies are struggling to keep pace. Video requires a different approach and has different rules. It takes a lot more time, money and effort to produce a video than it does to create a text piece. And the quality – or lack thereof – is immediately apparent.

None of that matters. Video is here, and it is not just here to stay. It will rule public relations one day soon. It is inevitable. Again, it is here. Here are three ways you can be ready:

#1 – Begin to think in 3D

Many PR campaigns begin and end in a 2D format. People think in terms of text with a handful of pictures. Friends, that just won’t cut it anymore. Even if you are not rendering your current campaign in video form, you need to consider how it would play on “film.” Eventually the subject of your public relations campaign may just end up in front of a camera. Without proper scripting, blocking and planning, this could destroy your campaign and any good work you did prior to it.

#2 – Engage, don’t be a spectator

People don’t just want to see video of events. They want to be a part of events. Torossian suggests that you engage your viewers by literally engaging them. Talk with and to them in the video. Don’t just show footage. That isn’t engagement. There must be a social connection for the video to be fully engaging.

#3 – Keep your SEO in mind

Video titles, tags and descriptions are vital to your video PR success. Torossian says as much care should be taken in writing the title and choosing the keywords as is taken in scripting the video. Failure to do so and you will not reap the optimum benefits of your endeavor.
Keep these tips in mind and look for ways to include video in your next public relations campaign.

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