Thursday, July 18, 2013

Five Essential Elements Every Web Article Should Have

5 elements every web article should have

Content is king. You will get no argument from me. There are those out there who want to get cute and turn phrasing inside out to suggest otherwise, but the facts are clear. People look for content. People interact with content. Search engines find and index content.

Content is king…and it’s good to be the king.

Well, most of the time anyway. In some cases, King Content is not so good. The result of inbred article flipping and inept communication. The sort of content that makes you dumber for having read it. Frustrated because you will never get those precious minutes back. Hopefully this will never be the case in a Ronn Torossian-produced article, but it has been know to happen elsewhere.
Since there is little way for the reader to know what he or she is getting into when he or she starts reading, the onus is on the content provider to come through. So, how can you write quickly, write well and fulfill your unspoken contract with the reader? Here are five rules I stick by with all sites and blogs related to or 5WPR.

#1 – Write the best possible headline

If you don’t, people will stop reading. Nuff said.

#2 – Say something unique

Don’t bogart some other site, rearrange the words and call it your own. People hate that. You probably do too. How many times have you landed on one site after another and read essentially the EXACT SAME PARAGRAPH. You hate it, so don’t do it to someone else.

#3 – Say something relatable

If someone gets into your article and finds nothing of value, you will likely lose that reader forever. You need to offer something they can grab onto early on. Some tidbit they can tuck away and use in the very near future.

#4 – Ask an interesting question

This is never a bad way to lead off in your article. Asking a compelling question can provide a context for the rest of your article. It can also help your readers better understand your line of reasoning. It’s not always the best idea to just state a point. In some cases you should ask the question that prompted you and allow your readers to reach their own conclusions. This is often a great way to initiate polite discussion and interesting debate.

#5 – Close with a compelling challenge

Don’t just stop writing. Leave off with a comment or question that will keep your reader engaged, get them thinking and keep them coming back.
What would you suggest is an important thing to consider when crafting compelling online content?


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