Friday, June 28, 2013

Ronn Torossian With The Next Evolution in Social Media

Ronn Torossian With The Next Evolution in Social Media

by Ronn Torossian Blogspot

With Facebook clearly winning the social media battle and blogs becoming an increasingly monetized marketing platform, the search for the Next Big Thing is marching forward at the speed of light.

Quite literally, perhaps.

When Google bought YouTube, it signaled a sea change in the nature and direction of Internet marketing and digital PR. Now the world's largest search engines are tied together through yet another social media platform that new media marketers cannot afford to ignore.

Then there's the mobile device revolution. Never before have consumers been able to do so much with a device that fits into your pocket or purse. But Ronn Torossian says that is not what is really interesting – from a PR perspective – about mobile devices. Mobile devices have raised the level of access consumers will allow marketers to have in their lives. They “know” everything they share on social media is being tracked, but they still share everything.

Most don't even realize how this compulsive sharing is changing the way they view the world – or at least the portion of it that the algorithms allow them to see.

says he does not point this out to “rail against technology” or intrusion or any of the other “convenient targets” today. Instead, he is pointing out the sea change in the consumer mind and how that should change the thinking of PR professionals.

And how should they think?

Ronn Torossian answers that question with two letters: HD.

Video is the most logical next step in the evolution of marketing. We already see it happening. This means that the traditional outline and format for submitting press releases must change. Torossian says that people have begun to expect multimedia presentations. More and more online publications are going to video with extended cutlines. To get coverage from these outlets, you need to be ready with choice VIDEO clips. Not just a two-sentence blurb and a lede.

Many people may have read that last paragraph and just nodded their heads, thinking – well, of course.
But do not just let this evolution wash over you. Video requires much different thinking than does print advertising. What used to constitute the entire release is now just the script outline. PR does not translate directly to video, and video requires an additional set of storytelling skills.

Are you ready? Maybe you're not up to date with current innovations of social media. In this article, Ronn Torossian explains how small businesses could become social media adept.

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