Monday, February 25, 2013

Guest Post from Kars4Kids: "Oscars 2013: Mean…. Unnecessarily So Says Kars For Kids Charity"

Now that the Oscars Ceremony 2013 is said and done, the buzz left behind is, a little mean says Kars For Kids, a car donation not-for-profit.  

A quick Twitter search for Kristen Stewart Oscars, for instance, gives a well-rounded summary of all the ways people hate her. We are treated to a recap of the actress’ apparent state of utter boredom at the proceedings, the way she hobbled onstage sans crutches, and her horrible, awful, no-good stringy hair that really needed a good brushing.

Barbra Streisand is known to be shy about performing in public. Oscars 2013 represents the first time she has sung at the event in 36 years. However, this didn’t stop people from remarking in their Facebook feeds that the singer’s voice audibly cracked not once but several times during her tribute to the late composer Marvin Hamlisch.

What else? Well, clearly we like Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence a lot better than we like Kristen Stewart. But that doesn’t stop us from repetitively watching the clips of her fall in her stunning but overly long gown as she walked up the (freshly waxed) steps to receive her award.

Sigh Of Relief

Back in November, many of us were heard to heave a sigh of relief that the elections were finally over. Friendships fell apart due to the gaping partisan divide that widened as the election campaign wore on. Many of us wondered if the rift could ever be healed. We hoped that society would gradually return to normal.

Or maybe we didn’t really want that at all. Maybe that’s why only three months on we’re thirsting for something new we can hate. Maybe we’re replacing Romney with Kristen.

Some of us, however, are beginning to listen to the still small voice inside that wants to take a stand against the hatred. So we refuse to share the celebrity-trashing articles in our social networking spheres. Moreover, we’re watching what we say.

Unabashedly Bashing Others

For some of us it was that moment when overheard our children pretending to be us, trash-talking a celebrity or presidential candidate in an uncanny imitation of ourselves. Is that really what we want for our children? Do we want them unabashedly bashing others?

A parent can take his parental pulse several times a day, and that’s a good thing. That may be the thing that keeps our xenophobia and need to hate in check. We want to provide a good example for our children, for the future generation, because that’s our legacy.

That’s why we spend Thanksgiving Day with our children, volunteering behind the scenes at a soup kitchen, peeling potatoes and scrubbing dishes. That’s why we let drop in front of the kids that we’re donating the Chevy to Kars4Kids, to help fund programs for needy children. And that’s why we might urge on the four year-old to drop a nickel into a beggar’s cup, or trick or treat for Unicef.

By the same token, we need to stop the phenomenon of trash-talking celebrities, cold in its tracks, reserving our words for kinder, nicer topics. We need to do this right now, or our future generation may burn itself out in the frenzy of hate. We need to drive home the point that hatred begins with words.

Varda Epstein works with a variety of charities, including Kars For Kids


ashleen said...

Thanks for posting this. I really love reading your post. Especially that is all about helping others like of children in need. family care foundation (fcf)

Stephan White said...

we like Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence a lot better than we like Kristen Stewart.

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