Thursday, February 14, 2013

2013 Grammys offers lessons in PR event marketing

The international gala event presented a clinic on social media event marketing even as Katy Perry taught us all a lesson in collateral PR.
During the 2013 Grammy Awards social media took center stage. Master of Ceremonies, LL Cool J, repeatedly referenced social media, in some cases calling out specific Twitter hashtags. Because of the massive international audience, these simple PR suggestions could immediately create trending social media topics and effectively control user conversation.
Not only were Grammy watchers adding to the conversation, they were constantly responding to predetermined topics. In this way, Grammy producers were able to direct the attention of an otherwise fractured audience.
During every single break event organizers directed on screen talent to repeat social media promotions touting their event. They teased upcoming acts and flashed hashtags on the screen.
Of course, when there is event marketing of this magnitude, there are plenty of opportunities to cultivate collateral PR. Positioned properly, even if you are just tangentially connected, you could end up stealing the show.
Despite the multifaceted marketing efforts of the Grammy producers, the top Twitter trend, and thus the top headline in all the entertainment media the following morning, was not the show, but, instead, Katie Perry’s dress. Or, more specifically, the giant “memo-flaunting” hole in same.
Katie Perry, who was nominated in only one category, stole the show. The singer showed up to the largest gathering of music royalty on the planet and used the larger platform of Grammy PR to generate a wave of publicity much larger than what Grammy producers set aside for her.
This is a lesson to all beauty PR firms or reputation management companies. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of the work the event marketing team has already done to generate the best possible return for your client.

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