Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 things you never say to a client

If a prospective client utters these lines, run, don't walk away from—and avoid dropping these snappy comebacks on them:

Client: You are among 15 agencies in our RFP search.
PR agency: Let me guess—narrowed down to a short list of 12?

Client: The agency selected would report to the COO—are you OK with that?
PR agency: Absolutely. We'll speak slowly.

Client: Can we write our own releases?
PR agency: Why not? We do our own dentistry.

Client: We have a small budget with big expectations.
PR agency: Then you'd better be prepared to let us get pretty damned creative.

Client: You would be our third agency in three years.
PR agency: It's OK; it took Jennifer Aniston a few false starts before she settled down.

Client: All questions will go through procurement, in writing, do not contact PR or marketing directly.
PR agency: That's fine—we don't get along well with PR and marketing types.

Client: Our CEO is skeptical of the value of PR.
PR agency: Funny—we're skeptical of the value of your CEO.

Client: We don't believe in social media.
PR agency: Social media? What's that?

Client: Can you guarantee us media coverage?
PR agency: “Yes! It's called advertising!”

Client: Can we try your agency out first with a project?
PR agency: “You mean like dating? OK, but it's dinner and a movie first!”

Julie Rusciolelli is president of Maverick PR. Tom Poldre is senior vice president of consumer marketing at Maverick PR. A version of this story first appeared on the firm’s blog. 
Originally from:  PR Daily:  http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/13070.aspx

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